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This foam effectively cleans the encrusted dirt and grease burned in your oven.

  • This product is used for the oven and its grills but also roasters and other barbecue accessories.

USE: Shake the aerosol before use. In a cold oven or in a hot oven (oven preheated to 45°C and turned off): spray evenly more than 20 cm from the surfaces to be cleaned. Leave to act for 2 minutes (5 minutes for resistant deposits). Clean with a damp sponge. For surfaces in contact with food (grills, plates, etc.), rinse thoroughly with potable water. Do not use in self-cleaning pyrolysis or catalysis ovens, microwaves, or on aluminum surfaces.

OVEN contains more than 89% ingredients of natural origin, including water. It is formulated without added fragrance and it is certified by Air Label Score: the A+ rating guarantees very low emissions into indoor air and thus helps to respect your living space.

Results: Your oven, all your barbecue accessories and grills are perfectly and easily cleaned.


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