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C.P Young and Active Traders Ltd

We are a company created in 1990. Our aim is to meet the high demands of housewives for specialized products that help in a complete, easy and quick cleaning of every surface in the house. Additionally, we strive to meet the needs of women for innovative cosmetics that can shape both their external appearance and their internal world.

The founders of the company, with great experience in this field, realized very quickly that there was a huge gap in the Cypriot market regarding the availability of products for specialized house cleaning and innovative cosmetics.

Our vision was to offer the Cypriot woman and housewife the best quality at the most affordable price.

This vision was fulfilled with the conclusion of an agreement with one of the leading companies in the field of household and cosmetic products. STANHOME.
Then, starting its work, it opened new horizons for both the woman and the housewives and gave them the opportunity to meet a completely new world!
A cleaning world that gave them the opportunity to be able to clean the whole house, all surfaces with characteristic ease, efficiency and safety.

A world of beauty and well-being offered by the French cosmetics KIOTIS that were developed from pure and rare essential oils that give beauty not only to the face and the body but also to the spiritual world.
As a result, thousands of customers are using our products and hundreds of partners and members are taking advantage of the ideal and favorable working conditions.

Our goal is to continue to offer the Cypriot woman the greatest help for the home through the unique cleaning products and to feel beautiful again through the efficiency, harmony and well-being of the French cosmetic essential oils.

STANHOME is one of the largest household and cosmetics companies in the world. Currently it has hundreds of thousands of partners and members as well as several million customers and it is constantly expanding rapidly in new markets.

C.P YOUNG AND ACTIVE TRADERS LTD in the course of these 30 years has managed to establish itself and consolidate its position in the biggest direct sales companies in Cyprus based on the excellent quality and efficiency of its products.


Stanhome is recognized for the quality of its products and its strong commitment to its consultants. With a network of more than 185,000 passionate consultants in 5 countries, Stanhome distributes a unique selection of brands for home, family and beauty care.

Since 1931, the Stanhome brand has been providing concrete solutions to meet everyone’s needs, thanks to exceptional household cleaning products..

Stanhome products have always met a requirement for quality, effectiveness and innovation. They are developed in line with consumer expectations and are intended to facilitate their daily lives. Stanhome also offers accessories to increase product effectiveness tenfold.

From linens to furniture, from floor to ceiling, from the most general to the most specialised, Stanhome offers a complete range of effective and easy-to-use products.

– Ultra-concentrated products,
– A rigorous development charter,
– A strict selection of raw materials,
– Great perfumers that work on exclusive perfumes,
– User tests under dermatological control (for products with skin contact),
– A strictly framed production,
– Certified factories (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001), regular audits, microbiological cleanliness thresholds for cosmetic standards and practices.


Because sensitive skin requires special attention, Family Expert develops gentle care for children & for the whole family.

Formulated by our laboratory under dermatological control, our sensitive skin care products focus on the essentials: a minimum of ingredients for maximum effectiveness and tolerance.

Family Expert, a simple and safe answer to care for everyone every day and accompany the hectic life of a family!


– Streamlined formulas and strict testing methods to guarantee maximum sensitive skin tolerance

– 50 years of experience in the development of care products for the whole family

– A Family Expert laboratory, which formulates and develops its products in France

– Systematic dermatological controls


Beauty stems from well-being
For us, beauty lies in the harmony of body and mind. Inspired by the word calm, Kiotis signs cosmetics full of gentleness and generosity. Essential oils are at the origin of our beauty treatments, their enveloping fragrances, and they blossom with sensual textures. In each gesture, as in each ritual, women experience a wealth of sensations: the emotion is intense and makes you want to savour the moment.
This is how Kiotis reveals the unique beauty of every woman.

Essential oils
Essential oils are aromatic plant-life concentrates. Known since ancient times for their richness and exceptional properties, these natural active ingredients offer well-being to both body and mind. At Kiotis, we perpetuate this tradition with effective and skin-friendly cosmetic treatments. Through a constant will to research and innovate, our laboratory strives to develop this demanding know-how. Carefully dosed and assembled, our essential oils become particularly effective cosmetic active ingredients. 100% pure and natural, they also guarantee the quality of our formulas.

Because essential oils are sources of performance and enhance the senses, they are the basis and essence of Kiotis expertise.

The community
Women have always passed on their beauty secrets. Kiotis was born of this belief. It is within a community of consultants and customers that the Kiotis spirit is shared, exchanged and experienced every day. Far from modern models and stereotypes, Jacques Rocher created this brand, because he believed in a generous beauty, which is good for the body and the mind.